Director of Operations, Berries North

This position is responsible for Dole Berry Company Operations North including the Farming, Harvesting and Grower Services for the Northern Region Strawberries and Cane Berries.
Responsible for sourcing product for the Division's volume plan, including growing and harvesting.
Directs and manages external business relationships.
MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASKS/DUTIES OF THE POSITION Recommends and implements or coordinates the planting for the varietals for the Northern Region.
Coordinates harvest operations in all areas, and responsible for developing and distributing harvest estimates.
Directs harvest and logistics equipment in support of Dole Berries Northern California operations.
Formulates and executes sourcing strategy.
Sources product for Division requirements, including Company operations and outside growers.
Responsible for product quality, yields, and growing, harvest for strawberries and Cane Berries as well as growers.
Negotiates and administers sourcing contracts with growers Oversees growing and harvesting to ensure cost efficiency and approves all grower bills prior to processing for payment.
Directs and manages allocation of ranches to growers, and subleases.
Ensures adherence to Food Safety and Quality standards in growing, harvesting, and cooling operations, including outside growers and coolers.
Assists the Senior Director of Operationss in the development of strategic plan and operating and capital budgets.
Represents the Company to all of the Grower community and to the industry.
Develops grower and industry relationships to the benefit of the Company.

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